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Save up to 70% on you heating costs with SUNJOY Panels.

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SUNJOY Excellent Heating System

SUNJOY is an excellent heating system, which provides heat in a similar way as solar energy, giving out far infrared heat, and contributing to your well-being.

When it is on, SUNJOY immediately starts creating a pleasant and comfortable environment by emitting mild radiant heat, like a mini shining sun, but without the glow.

All you need to know about SUNJOY Heating

SUNJOY is a radiant heating panel, designed to provide you a sense of fuzzy comfort and well-being.
With an emitting efficiency of more than 93%, and a wave-length of around 10 nm it matches human metabolic activity.

Easy to install
No maintenance afterwards.
Ceiling and walls installation.
Use the bolts in the installation kit.
Simply connect to a power outlet.
Your home is too cold,
or heating too costly?
Save up to 70% on your Heating bill.
Evenly heat up your place like never before, while the panels pay for themselves by the savings they bring. They work in parallel with other heating systems already in place.
Health Benefits Improve's blood flow & help's strengthen the immune system
Negative ions
Sunjoy Heating System

Conventional Heating System

There can be a 10o C difference between
the ceiling and the floor

Conventional Heating System
Heat on Demand
Comfortable, Gentle Heat
Turn on the thermostat and get natural sun like heat at very low costs.
Eco Friendly
Produce's no CO2 emissions.
Build with utmost care and craft. Can work in tandem with solar panels.
Long life cycle
20-25 years
Minimum 5 year warranty. Can work in humid environments (bathroom, sauna), performance you can trust.


SUNJOY is a radiant heating panel, designed to provide you a sense of fuzzy comfort and well-being. With an emitting efficiency of more than 93%, and a wave-length of around 10 nm it matches human metabolic activity.

Enery Saving

50% saving on energy compared to existing electric heating systems


Purifies the air

Emits refreshing air

Impacts the dust in the air

Contributes to relaxation

Activates cells

Heightens resistance to disease

Far Infrared Radiation (Health)

Improves human metabolism

Stimulates growth

Aids refreshment

Far Infrared radiation ratio 93%

Environmentally Friendly




No harmful electro-magnetic rays

No harmful gas emissions

Silver-nano Effect (Anti-bacterial)

Prevents new house syndrome

Sterilizes the room

Gives natural antibacterial effects

Sunjoy Features

Product specifications

Classification Installation Type Size (mm) Weight (kg) Voltage (V) Current (A) Power Consumption (W) Heat Value (Kcal) Area of
Heating Plate (m2)
SR-3 EXPOSED(N) 606 x 606 x 20 2.34 120
1.31 289 249 0.35
MOLDED(M) 598 x 598 x 20 2.32
SR-4D EXPOSED(N) 606 x 606 x 20 3.2 1.97 434 374 0.53
MOLDED(M) 598 x 598 x 20 3.16
SR-5D EXPOSED(N) 606 x 906 x 20 4.2 2.62 578 497 0.71
MOLDED(M) 598 x 898 x 20 4.12
SR-7D EXPOSED(N) 606 x 1206 x 20 5.3 3.34 735 632 0.89
MOLDED(M) 598 x 1198 x 20 5.12
SR-8D EXPOSED(N) 606 x 1506 x 20 6.28 3.93 866 745 1.07
MOLDED(M) 598 x 1498 x 20 6.04


We offer a sample design which can be adapted for different usage and sizing.

Room Type Size (m) Area (m2) Panel Type (Ceiling Height: 2.4M) Temperature
Restroom 1.3 x 1.7 2.2~3.3 SR-4 10~15°C
Standard Bathroom 1.7 x 2.3 3.8~5.5 SR-5 10~15°C
Large Bathroom 2.6 x 3.3 8.2~10.9 SR-7 7~10°C
Office(small) 2.6 x 3.3 8.2~10.9 SR-7 7~10°C
Office(Medium) 10.0 x 10.0 100 SR-7x14 7~10°C
Office(Large) 10.0 x 33.0 330 SR-7x46 7~10°C
Hospital Unit 4.0 x 4.9 17.4~21.8 SR-7x4 7~10°C
Officetel 4.6 x 6.6 28.3~32.7 SR-7x4 7~10°C

* The heating panel shall occupy 10 to 15 percent of the ceiling space, and the panel position should consider the lights and main heating area.

* The panel shall have a gap of about 600 mm from the wall, and the distance between panels shall be twice the panel length.

Where you can use Sunjoy heating panels

Sunjoy addresses a wide range of customers: residential, commercial, industrial, office buildings, shopping centres, manufacturing and warehouses, highly recommended to hospitals, retirement homes, clinics, agricultural, government and military facilities.

Sunjoy panels can also be installed in humid environments: saunas, kitchens or washrooms.


Test Reports & Certificates

Sunjoy Anion Test Report

Anion Test

Sunjoy Anti Bacterial Test Report

Anti Bacterial Test

Sunjoy Antibacterial Test Report - USA

Anti Bacterial Test - USA


Sunjoy Total Test Report

Total Test

Sunjoy AS NZA


Sunjoy Canada Patent

Canada Patent

Sunjoy CCC


Sunjoy ETL


Sunjoy U.S.A Patent

U.S.A Patent

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